Should i say indigenous or first nations in australia?

In international law, the term “indigenous” recognizes that a person's ancestors lived on certain lands, before new people arrived and became dominant. Aboriginal people, when used as adjectives, can describe “Aboriginal peoples”, “Aboriginal homes” or an “Aboriginal point of view”. Some sources continue to use it as a noun that many other people and I think is inappropriate. If you open your wallet, you can see that even modern Australian coins show flowers, animals and the head of a First Nations person.

According to high-level First Nations academics, even terms such as “urban”, “traditional” or “of indigenous descent” are considered racist when defining or classifying First Nations peoples. Many old books and articles talk about natives or blacks when referring to First Nations people. Some sources suggest that “First Nations Australians” can also be used, but quite a few First Nations people refuse to be “Australians”, since it is a term that was imposed on them after the invasion and they never agreed with the term or with the invasion. We also recognize and respect the Cammeraygal people of the Eora Nation, their continuous line of elders and all the First Nations peoples, their wisdom, resilience and survival.

She sees the idea of being “Australian” as an imposition, since First Nations peoples never accepted being governed by invaders. Unfortunately, some First Nations people are beginning to identify with the “toxic labels” that Australian society defines for them and to behave in accordance with them. Using the correct term to refer to First Nations people shows respect, shows that you care, combats racism and could open doors. Creative Spirits recognizes the country, the mother and the breeder, and the First Nations people who own, love and care for it from the start.

The term is still commonly used to refer to First Nations peoples, often in exchange for Aboriginal or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and to prevent their recurrence. As described at the beginning, First Nations is a term that is increasingly gaining acceptance and use as coined by First Nations peoples. It alludes to those who inhabited Australia from the beginning and expresses the diversity of nations. While some First Nations people have no problem identifying themselves as Australians, others vehemently reject that association.

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