Delivering Vehicles To First Nations or Tribal Communities

Delivery Vehicles To First Nations

Many Auto Dealers across the nation have found a new market with First Nation communities across Canada for a number of reasons that you might find very fascinating. Canada's First Nations are one of the fastest growing population in the country, not only by population, but in terms of growth in every aspect. 

Many First Nations are developing after centuries of being marginalized in every aspect as North America was developing. While many of the First Nation Tribes were isolated in small tracts of land and became wards of the state, they were limited in every way and did not participate in the growth of the economy. 

Being wards of the state meant they were limited from participating in the economy as business men, they were limited in any possible way and were at the mercy of government agents, even the leadership in the communities were under the "Indian Agent" control tactics. 

Fast Forward to 2023, many First Nations have reached a level of autonomy that gives them authority to become equal players in every part of the economy and free enterprise that most of the free world enjoys.

The Land of Our Milk and Honey!

Many First Nation communities enjoy the freedom of making their own decisions of purchasing, financing and working in a career to make great income and being a part of the greater economy and helping the local economy right in the community. 

There are some historical benefits when a First Nation member purchases a items in the market, they are free from any tax. All purchases are exempt from taxes if they are delivered right into the community. Auto Dealerships have found this a great promotional tactic and have very flexible financing companies that cater to First Nations as well.

First Nation Auto companies are starting to play in the Auto Dealership field as well. One dealer in particular, based out of Winnepeg has been in the Auto Dealership business for over 30 years and has been delivering vehicles to many communities. Keith Wilson who is a First Nation member is the owner of First Nation Auto and would like to provide more services to First Nation members as well as the organizations. Everyone needs a car, and almost every services has a fleet of vehicles now to provide services in the community. Keith would like to be the provider for the First Nation vehicles.

Inter-Tribal Trade

Many community leaders have always talked about Inter-tribal trade and the importance of this age-old practice in North America that kept us going for thousands of years and was big part of our survival here on Turtle Island. They are glad to see some aspects of it come back and seeing our people prospering from helping and promoting each other. 

There are many of our people in our communities who want to start a business but feel they are in limited market, but if you have a website, the world is your market. First Nation Auto Finder was developed to assist in the promotion of Inter-Tribal Trade here in Canada as well as in the US Tribes. 

The owner talks about the Inter-Tribal trade opportunities where First Nation citizens can sell the cars or auto accessories on the site, there is a social membership side to the site as well as a business feature side to it. We are promoting First Nation owned and First Nation friendly businesses that help with our local economies. If someone wants to sell a car or auto related merchandise, they are free to do so on our site.

First Nation Auto

Check out First Nation Auto if you are looking for a vehicles and buy from Keith Wilson at First Nation Auto. If you have a car for sale, you never know who might be looking for the car you have from another first nation. We really want to promote Inter-Tribal trade and First Nation members from across the country can connect for social reasons as well. If you know of someone looking for a vehicle, send them to our site and support First Nation owned and First Nation friendly businesses. 


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